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Your manhole safety solution


The Stabiloc™ manhole cover security system is the most secure and cost-effective system available for protecting underground utilities and manhole covers from theft and vandalism. The versatile locking mechanism can be re-tooled onto existing manhole covers, and once installed prevents access by anyone but authorized personnel with proprietary tools. It is also highly durable, and covered by a warranty against material defects, workmanship, and failure due to corrosion.

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Stabiloc™ LLC is a Neenah Foundry brand. Stabiloc™ is manufacture and assembly in the USA.
Stabiloc™, which is marketed and sold in 38 countries around the world and is used to secure manhole covers and grates, preventing theft and unauthorized entry.

Our other products include the Swiveloc™ Controlled Pressure Release Manhole Cover Security Restraint System, and the manhole cover lifter which is a relatively new tool in our arsenal, designed to alleviate physical duress on the part of the utility worker when removing manhole covers.


Our outlook has been the same for over 140 years. We believe in building more than just tree grates and engine blocks - more than just bollards and carrier housings. We believe in partnering with you to help build a better world, one project at a time.


Bringing over 140 years of experience, Neenah Enterprises, Inc. (NEI), has been a consistent leader in producing durable castings for municipal and industrial sectors across the world. NEI is a provider for many of the world's leading manufacturing companies. Our facilities provide casting, forging, machining and assembly of key component parts for heavy truck, agriculture, construction, HVAC and a host of other industries.

At NEI, we are the experts who will work with you to understand your needs, and we will respond with products, solutions and services to help you get the job done right the first time. From prompt deliveries to outstanding customer service, we strive to be your partner through it all. We are so much more than manholes, so much more than industrial products and so much more than a foundry. 

To learn more about our company and products, contact us or browse our product offerings.


F A Q 's

Were excited about the quality and functionality of our manhole security systems, and wed like to help you understand them better. If you cant find the answer you are looking for here, feel free to contact us.

What does the Stabiloc™ locking system consist of?
The Stabiloc™ assembly consists of a flanged lock body, a trunnion, an anchor bolt, receiver, lever arm and a tamper evident UV resistant cap which keeps the Stabiloc™ bolt-head free from dirt and debris.

Who provides for the replacement manhole cover, while the original is being machined for Stabiloc™?
Most authorities/cities/facilities have a number of spare covers in their stock depot because manhole covers are routinely stolen. Most customers choose to implement a rip and replace system whereby covers are taken from existing stock, machined and then exchanged. Repeat this process and develop a time line by which to install the system. An aggressive implementation schedule can realistically install a complete network (200+ Covers) in approx. six weeks.

What is the total turnaround time per manhole to install Stabiloc™?
Factoring in the time for going to the location to remove the manhole and then ship it to the machine shop, if we were to receive the covers and then machine them for you, anticipate a 2-4 day turnaround time depending upon transit time.

How much time is needed per manhole to install Stabiloc™?
Assuming that the manhole covers are centrally located (warehouse) the average time needed to machine a manhole cover is approximately forty-five minutes to one hour if performed by a CNC lathe machine. Other machining methods (drill press) would lengthen this time frame

What is the Stabiloc™ locking system made from?
All components of the Stabiloc lock assembly are made of cast ductile iron.  Before assembly, all components, except the stainless steel springs, receive a coating of ArmorGalv.  ArmorGalv is a patented process that takes a zinc powder and turns it into a gas by heating it in an oven.  The components are then placed into the oven and slowly rotated for several hours receiving an even coating 6 mils thick that provides outstanding corrosion resistance.  Our Stabilocs are warrantied  against failure due to corrosion.

How many Stabiloc™ units are needed for each cover?
We recommend that two Stabiloc™ units are needed for each cover. Units secured to opposite sides of the manhole cover have proven to be the strongest method of securing the covers to the frames. If you have a hinged cover, only one Stabiloc™ is required.

Do existing manhole covers need to be modified in order to use Stabiloc™?
Yes. Modification of the manhole cover is required in order to receive the Stabiloc™ locking system. However, there is no requirement to modify the manhole frame. You can contact your manhole cover supplier and ask them if their manhole covers are equipped to receive the Stabiloc™ locking system.

Will Stabiloc™ prevent unauthorized entry to my critical infrastructure?
Yes. By implementing the Stabiloc™ locking system to your new or existing infrastructure, you will be using a state of the art product which is manufactured with the strongest metal alloy available today. The entire Stabiloc™ locking system is custom made and is virtually impenetrable.

How is Stabiloc™ different from other manhole cover containment devices?
The Stabiloc™ system is unlike any other device available worldwide. Most products that are in use today rely on age-old technologies which are expensive and difficult to use. In most cases these type of solutions have been used simply because there was no other alternative until now. Stabiloc™ is proudly manufactured in the United States by expert craftspeople and uses principal mechanics to secure a manhole cover to its respective frame.

Made from rugged, ductile iron, the STABILOC locking system withstands thousands of pounds of lifting force. 
Due to the unique design STAB! LOC is adaptable to work with virtually any manhole frame and cover design. 


Stabiloc™ Extraction Tool
For the removal of Stabiloc™ caps from the Stabiloc™ lock body.

Stabiloc™ Standard and Controlled Sockets
The patented Stabiloc™ socket is only available for purchase by registered users and customers of the
STABILOC system. Contact us for details.


Stabiloc™ Replacement Caps
Rugged fiberglass reinforced – UV resistant – tamper evident caps are available in orange or black. They can be made in a variety of colors, please call for details



When you're in need of a dependable Metal Fabrication Service, don’t hesitate. Contact Stabiloc today.


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